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Old 06-24-2020, 03:13 PM
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Default Protestors Call for Store to Be Shut Down Following Racially Charged Incident

Protestors Call for Store to Be Shut Down Following Racially Charged Incident

By Jack Highberger • Published 12 mins ago
Over a hundred protestors gathered outside the Discount Auto Center in Glenn Heights on Friday after its owner was accused of using a racial slur during an argument with a customer.

The customer, Leonardo Allen, said the owner became upset with him after he mistakenly flushed a napkin down the toilet.

“I walk with him to the restroom and look at it, 'this is what you are upset about,' I apologize and he said 'get the f out of my store n-word,'” Allen said.
The owner, who was identified by family by only his first name of Mustafa, came out from inside the shop to speak briefly with protestors.

“I am African American,” he [owner] said. “The word came after the guy cursed me, I apologized for using the word and in my knowledge, this word means attitude more than color,” he continued.

After the incident, Allen said he called Glenn Heights Police who he said issued him a citation that the chief later rescinded. Glenn Heights Police Chief Vernell Dooley was on scene but declined to comment on the incident.

Do NOT put yourself in this position, NEVER BE alone with a black, unless in public and recording.
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