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Old 07-12-2018, 08:03 AM
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Default Artist paints over LeBoon mural after continued vandalism


Artist paints over Lebron mural after continued vandalism

Updated: Jul 11 2018 10:37PM PDT

VENICE, CA (FOX 11) - An artist takes extreme measures after vandals target his Lebron James mural in Venice.

Never before has a white concrete wall in a Venice alley gotten so much attention. Of course it wasn't always white.

Last week, a Culver City based artist who goes by the name Jonas never spent 12 hours over two days painting an elaborate mural of Lebron James as a Laker in purple and gold as a grand sort of ''welcome'' gesture.It got a lot of attention.

We did a story on it on the news this past weekend with Pablo Alsina. Then... Of course..Sadly....Someone who obviously is not a Lebron fan and probably has no life, defaced it.

Never repaired it. It was vandalized again, badly. There's security camera footage, but it's not great. Our artist, never, said never again. He took a bucket of white paint and Wednesday morning painted over the whole thing.
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