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Default Re: Another officer thrown under bus for choking out of control chimp

After video shows BRPD officer with arm around juvenile's neck, mayor calls for quick review

After video circulated on social media Sunday showing a Baton Rouge police officer restraining a juvenile by placing his arm around the back of the child's neck, the East Baton Rouge Parish mayor-president released a statement reassuring the public that the "concerning encounter" would receive a "prompt, transparent review."

"I have viewed the short snippet of video and snapshots shared via social media," Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome said in the statement. "The actions I viewed prompted me to contact our chief of police to ensure he was aware of this situation."

The boy's aunt posted the video, saying her nephew is 13 years old. Others are watching the encounter while the officer has the juvenile on the ground, apparently pleading with police to stop.
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