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Old 12-05-2018, 09:01 AM
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Default NYPD sends 20 cops to ‘evict’ one-legged homeless black negro vagrant


This homeless man is getting evicted
By Khristina Narizhnaya, Kevin Sheehan and Bruce Golding
December 4, 2018 | 6:44pm | Updated December 4, 2018 | 6:51pm

Thomas Harris at his encampment near the Parkside subway station in Brooklyn
Daniel William McKnight

He’s being evicted…from the street!

The city’s homeless crisis has gotten so out of hand that officials are handing out formal “eviction” notices to people who hunker down and sprawl out in some spots for too long, The Post has learned.

One-legged vagrant Thomas "Sh it On a Stick" Harris, who’s been living rent-free outside a Brooklyn subway station, is scheduled to get the boot on Wednesday, according to flyers taped around his makeshift hovel of shopping carts and plastic sheeting.

The notices, which went up on Friday, say city workers — accompanied by police — will clean up the plaza at Parkside and Ocean avenues where he’s camped out.

“As of the date of the clean up, you must leave this location along with your belongings,” the flyers warn in bold letters.

Harris, who hadn’t relocated as of late Tuesday afternoon, said the city would have to force him out.

“I’m not being evicted, I’m being persecuted!” he griped.

“My s–t will be ready to roll, but I’m staying for the fight!”

The 61-year-old father of 10 also said he was previously ”evicted” from a nearby spot last year, when “they took my s- -t and put me in the crazy house.”

“It took me a while but I got this back together. They want to do this every time it gets cold? Whatever! I got the right to be here,” he insisted.

Police have placed notifications notifying Harris that on Dec. 5, 2018, the DHS, NYPD and NYC Sanitation will remove remove everyone who occupies the plaza and their belongings.
Paul Martinka

Harris — who lost most of his left leg when he was hit by a subway in 2012 — described himself as an “Israelite soldier” and said he’d been voluntarily homeless for decades for religious reasons.

Shortly after noon, three cops from the NYPD’s Homeless Outreach Unit spent about an hour making a last-ditch effort to cajole him off the street.

But Harris — who’s known to locals as the “Drum Man” because of the instruments he peddles — told The Post there was no way he’d go to a shelter.

“They have places where everybody is a crackhead and a dope fiend. And they throw you out at 6 in the morning,” he said.

“You call this a shelter? That’s not a shelter.”

Chris Gonzalez, who works at the Atomic Wings eatery across the street, said he gave Harris free food “a few times a week” — and blamed Mayor Bill de Blasio for the man’s predicament.

“De Blasio’s plan ain’t working! I look at this mountain of garbage every day for the last two months,” said Gonzalez, 22.

“He’s crazy. He won’t go. Even if they make him go, he’ll come back.”

Nikita Price, civil rights organizer for the Picture the Homeless advocacy group, called the eviction notices “an under-handed policy.”

“We have seen the notices before,” he said.

NYPD officers gather near Harris’ encampment where he will be evicted.Daniel William McKnight

“The language changes, the city is adapting the policy — but it is still an eviction notice.”

City Homeless Services spokesman Isaac McGinn said, “We don’t allow obstructions in our city and address them quickly whenever we find them.”

“We provide notice to street homeless … ahead of coordinated clean-ups to preserve the trust our outreach teams build with them every day [and] encourage them to come off the streets.”
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Old 12-06-2018, 07:42 AM
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Default Re: This homeless man is getting evicted


NYPD sends 20 cops to ‘evict’ one-legged homeless man
By Kevin Fasick and Bruce Golding
December 5, 2018 | 8:31pm | Updated December 5, 2018 | 11:46pm

Homeless man Thomas "Drum Man" Harris sits in his wheelchair while surrounded by his belongings Gregory P. Mango

How many cops does it take to give a one-legged homeless man the boot? Apparently about 20!

A contingent of NYPD officers spent two hours Wednesday morning kicking out Thomas "Sh it On A Stick" Harris, 61, from the Brooklyn plaza where he’d been camped out for weeks.

Cops tore down the hovel Harris built from shopping carts and plastic sheeting outside the subway station at Parkside and Ocean avenues, and hauled away about half of his possessions, including some of the hand drums he peddles on the street.

The ordeal also involved a pair of FDNY ambulances staffed with EMTs, and several outreach workers from the Department of Homeless Services and Breaking Ground, a non-profit city contractor.

Harris’ extended expulsion came after the DHS on Friday served him with a formal “eviction” notice, copies of which were taped up around his rent-free home and warned of Wednesday’s deadline.

Harris, who lost part of his left leg when he was hit by a subway train in 2012, was slapped with a civil summons for storing property on the sidewalk, which is punishable by a maximum $100 fine.

But he was allowed to keep more than a dozen carts full of stuff, and as of Wednesday evening, he was heading north along Ocean Avenue in a heavily laden, motorized wheelchair.

Two fellow homeless men were helping him haul the rest of his belongings, but their progress was torturously slow.

“I am going to end up anywhere I want to go,” Harris vowed.

“The plan is to try to make a living as usual. The plan of [the city] is to bring me down wherever I go.”

Around 6 p.m., he appeared to be preparing to spend the night on the sidewalk outside Prospect Park, just about four blocks from his former spot.

During his ouster from the plaza, Harris broke into tears several times and repeatedly maintained that he wasn’t homeless.

“I am a soldier in the war on poverty,” he claimed at one point.

He also yelled out that he didn’t need help and insisted, “I’m not blocking any pedestrians. That’s the main thing. I want you to stop with the homeless s–t.”

Harris has said that cops evicted him from another spot near the plaza and put him into the “crazy house” last year.

Several neighborhood residents said they were glad to see Harris rousted — but didn’t think it would last.

“I can’t believe they can’t do anything more for him than just move him along,” one man said.

“He’s probably going to head right back to where he’s been.”

A spokeswoman for Mayor Bill de Blasio, Jaclyn Rosenberg, said: “We offered him services and tried to convince him to come inside. Our teams across city agencies remain committed to building on those efforts every day.”
Those who find the truth hateful just hate hearing the truth.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste.....on a nigger.

If you're not catching flak, you're not over the target.
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