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Old 12-06-2018, 07:51 AM
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Default Fambly of Bronx man Miguel Antonio Richards shot by police sue for wrongful death


Family of Bronx man shot by police sue for wrongful death
By Kaja Whitehouse and Laura Italiano
December 5, 2018 | 4:55pm | Updated December 5, 2018 | 7:16pm

The scene where Miguel Antonio Richards was shot and killed in September 2017
Christopher Sadowski

Police clearly warned a deranged, knife- and pistol-brandishing Bronx man, “You are seconds away from getting shot” — but that hasn’t stopped the man’s estate from suing the city for wrongful death over his shooting.

The fambly of Miguel Antonio Richards, 31, is seeking unspecified cash damages for the September 2017 shooting on Pratt Avenue in Eastchester.

Bodycam footage had recorded the four cops confronting Richards, at one point warning, “Drop the gun and drop that knife, Ricardo.”

It was the first-ever bodycam footage to be released publicly by the NYPD.

Lawyers for Richards’ estate refer to the chilling footage repeatedly in their lawsuit, filed in Manhattan federal court.

“It was apparent, or should have been apparent, that Mr. Richards was experiencing a mental health crisis and/or was emotionally disturbed,” his estate’s lawyers claim.

Richards had been “standing motionless and silent in the corner of his bedroom” and was not an immediate risk at the point that 47th Precinct cops Tasered then shot him from across the room, the suit claims.

The gun turned out to be a realistic-looking imitation pistol.

The suit names as defendants the city, plus four cops, including Officers Mark Fleming and Redmond Murphy, the two who together hit Richards with seven bullets.

The NYPD did not immediately comment; a spokesman for the city law department said only that the lawsuit would be reviewed.
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