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Old 12-03-2018, 05:10 PM
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Default Nig running-back caught beating woman on vid, sat on sidelines during anthem to "protest brutality"

NFL player caught on camera beating a woman sat during the national anthem to protest brutality

Link: http://www.spiritualvigor.com/2018/1...a-beating.html

An NFL player caught on film pushing and kicking a woman at a Cleveland hotel happens to be a “woke” social justice warrior who protested the national anthem at a game last year.

During the playing of the anthem prior to the start of a game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Chargers on Sept. 24, 2017, Chiefs’ running back Kareem Hunt sat on a bench.


FLASHBACK! Woke civil rights protester, Kareem Hunt, protests the national anthem. Then he beat a woman. #WalkAway pic.twitter.com/3TUt8hLA8Y

— Red Pill Jew (@ImAndrewMarcus) December 1, 2018

When asked during an interview at the time what exactly he and his team members were trying to communicate to the world, he replied, “It’s kind of a bad situation going on right now.”

He had presumably been referring to what social justice activists on the far-left believe to be an epidemic of police brutality against young black males.

It’s one of a number of issues that far-left activists in the political realm and now the sports world as well have seized on in a bid to seek out so-called “social justice.”

The problem is that these social justice warriors’ rhetoric rarely matches their actions.

Case in point: Flash forward to last week, when a video showing Hunt pushing and kicking a woman in a Cleveland hotel was published online by the gossip website TMZ.

“In the video, Hunt is seen arguing with a 19-year-old woman outside of his room at The Metropolitan at the 9 at 3:22 AM on February 10, 2018,” TMZ reported.

“Hunt turns a corner and confronts the woman, shoving her hard. The woman strikes him back in the face … and that’s when Hunt goes berserk.”

While no arrests were reportedly made, the release of this footage has at least spurred the Kansas City Chiefs to cut Hunt from the team on the basis that he’d lied to them when the incident first occurred.

“The team says when the NFL and Cleveland PD launched their investigations the team called in Hunt and ‘several members of our management team spoke directly to him. Kareem was not truthful in those discussions. The video released today confirms that fact,'” TMZ reported.

This means both the team and the NFL had been aware of the incident the whole time yet chose to not even suspend Hunt during its investigation. Instead they let him play.

And according to reports, Hunt will eventually get to play again. On Monday the NFL will reportedly announce his punishment, and it’s apt to be nothing more than a lengthy suspension.

Kareem Hunt will play again…

Colin Kaepernick will not…

Because in the NFL it’s okay to abuse but not okay to protest abuse.

— Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) November 30, 2018

Now contrast the way the NFL has handled this case with the way it just handled the case of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, who was fined over $13,000 last week for tossing his team’s quarterback, Dak Prescott, into a Salvation Army donation bucket in celebration.

Football fans don’t seem to like the contrast too much.

“I’m trying to find a way to make @EzekielElliott’s investigation and punishment make sense given #KareemHunt and the @NFL’s failure to even interview the victim or Hunt. WTF @nflcommish??? How are you so bad at everything??????” one Twitter user wrote.

Others agreed.


I’m trying to find a way to make @EzekielElliott‘s investigation and punishment make sense given #KareemHunt and the @NFL‘s failure to even interview the victim or Hunt. WTF @nflcommish??? How are you so bad at everything??????

— John Sherman (@shermansez) December 2, 2018

@NFL fined Ezekiel Elliott $13K after he celebrated TD by putting in $21 in the Salvation Army bucket..

But yet NFL didn’t fine or suspend Kareem Hunt for assaulting a woman!

— Boston Sports News (@BostonSprtsNews) December 2, 2018

Let me get this straight…the @NFL is fining @EzekielElliott for donating $ to the @SalvationArmyUS and celebrating with @dak but never interviewed @Kareemhunt7 or the woman he attacked? Sounds right for @nflcommish . Do better NFL! https://t.co/9UppVk4szi

— Mandy Asberry (@MandyAsberry) December 2, 2018

But the more glaring contrast is the difference between Hunt’s self-made image as someone concerned about the social good, and the real-life image of him as a temperamental woman beater.


Does anyone else see the delicious irony in the fact that an NFL player who refuses to stand for the National Anthem in order to protest the treatment of blacks, has no problem with hitting and kicking women?#TurnYourBackOnKareemHunthttps://t.co/HbkDL6smpv

— Pamela Berger (@PamelaUnplugged) December 1, 2018

Couldn’t bother to stand for the anthem though. Kareem is too woke for that. Beating on women though? Yep no problem there.

— ����NationalistTimbo���� (@MAGAnum45) December 2, 2018

And just think Kareem Hunt was taking a knee during national anthem protesting police brutality so I guesss it’s alright to abuse woman for him he should never be allowed to play a game in the NFL again #GoodbyeLoser

— Eric Kosick (@mrhockeyusa11) December 2, 2018

Kareem Hunt, who sat on the bench last year during the National Anthem, perhaps was protesting the fact that America frowns on the assaulting/kicking of women

— Jordan Marryott (@JMarryott23) December 2, 2018

That time Kareem Hunt sat down during the National anthem to protest police brutality.

I’m sitting down in my computer chair to protest his brutality towards women. pic.twitter.com/AlSPRsnpdw

— E❌tinct Media (@ExtinctMedia) December 1, 2018

Obnoxious @NFL and players like Kareem Hunt, that are offended by police, military and the National Anthem and Old Glory, look at your own sins. Play football and stop preaching. #StandUp4TheAnthem pic.twitter.com/ljb3yqO07i

— Joseph Casassa (@JosephCasassa) December 1, 2018

You won’t catch @shaunking saying anything negative on #KareemHunt because it won’t fit his narrative. But this was another national anthem protestor. I just wish those protestors lived clean lives. #WalkAwayFromDemocrats pic.twitter.com/IAx5vlhRJq

— Matt (@PennyPlays411) December 1, 2018
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