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Default Pakistani-named Real-estate developer who split ex-gal pal’s lip says she repeatedly assaulted him


Real-estate developer who split ex-gal pal’s lip says she repeatedly assaulted him
By Rebecca Rosenberg
November 8, 2019 | 6:01pm | Updated

Michael Shah
R Umar Abbasi

A millionaire Manhattan real-estate developer busted in September for allegedly giving his gorgeous brunette girlfriend a split lip now says she’s a violent gold digger who assaulted him.

Michael Shah, head of Delshah Capital, filed a police complaint Thursday against Bhavana Chamoli, an aspiring actress and investment researcher for MIO Partners, Inc, accusing her of three separate attacks.

Bhavana Chamoli

He told cops that on July 20, in front of Park Bar in Union Square, Chamoli, 28, stomped on his left foot with her stiletto heel and slapped him in the face at least three times, according to a domestic incident report.

“I walked with a limp for two weeks,” the 42-year-old wrote in police paperwork, but the pair continued their romance.

Shah’s counter-complaint comes more than a month after Chamoli called cops on him Sept. 29.

She said that he shoved her into a wall and the floor, causing a split lip and bruising at his Union Square apartment. He was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault, attempted assault and aggravated harassment.

A Manhattan Criminal Court judge issued an order of protection barring him from any contact with Chamoli.

He insisted she was the aggressor. She allegedly flipped a glass coffee table, shattering the top, then destroyed a $2,000 chandelier before she punched him in the head, he told the police. He demanded she leave, prompting her to call the cops.

After Shah’s arrest, the volatile couple reconciled in violation of the protective order, and he even bought her an $11,000 Cartier bracelet, he said.

In November he was arrested for first-degree criminal contempt for violating the order of protection after she called the cops and said he’d allegedly hit her in the face.

The real-estate mogul, who is reportedly worth $300 million, denied laying a hand on Chamoli and said the altercation began after she snatched his cellphone and $10,000 Cartier watch then scratched and bit him.

His spokesman, Juda Engelmayer, said in a statement that whenever Shah tried to break up with her, she allegedly became violent and demanded money and jewelry.

Shah previously appeared in a Post article titled “I Train Fat Rich Guys Then Get Them Laid” about a trainer he’d hired to whip him into shape.

“There have been no charges filed against my client,” said Chamoli’s attorney, Jeff Schietzelt.
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