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Old 05-03-2017, 05:43 AM
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Default Crafty (Hispanic) drug dealers posed as Uber drivers to avoid detection: cops


Crafty drug dealers posed as Uber drivers to avoid detection: cops
By Larry Celona and Chris Perez
May 3, 2017 | 1:30am

Drug dealers used cars to look like Uber, with logos and stickers so they wouldn't look suspicious while they waited to deal.

Drug Dealers in The Bronx and Manhattan have been disguising themselves as Uber drivers — complete with fake logos and stickers — so they won’t look suspicious while waiting for customers, authorities said.

At least four people were busted Tuesday for using the phony digs in their cars in the attempt to keep cops from noticing them as they sling cocaine and heroin, according to police.

Dibanny Cortorreal-Marte, 37, Oscar Tejeda-Almonte, 31, Miguel la-Paz Lugo, 37, and Selena Santos, 22, were all arrested as part of what cops are calling Operation “Uber Connect.”

The group was taken into custody by the DEA Strike Force and was arraigned Tuesday night.

Authorities said two other alleged drug dealers were busted last week as a result of the operation.

One of them — Alfredo Tejada-Almonte, 34 — is believed to be the leader of the Uber pusher men, with his bail being set at $150,000 following his arraignment.

The drug ring allegedly had over 100 customers, with the volume of sales being extremely high.

As business boomed, cops said the group continued to use the Uber logos — placing them in the front windows of their cars, in the same exact spot that real drivers are required to have them in.

The phony stickers ultimately helped the dealers disguise themselves as they pushed their product in parts of The Bronx and upper Manhattan, authorities said.

The individuals arrested Tuesday were allegedly caught with a kilo of cocaine and more than $22,000 in cash. Police also seized at least five vehicles.
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