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Old 09-30-2016, 05:59 AM
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Default O Canada: B.C. clinic's free heroin enables addicts to 'have a meaningful life again,'


B.C. clinic's free heroin enables addicts to 'have a meaningful life again,' co-ordinator says

Goal is to give addicts just enough heroin to take away their desire to seek out street drugs


Lisa James, left, 48, shoots free heroin twice a day at Providence Crosstown Clinic in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. The longtime addict says the controversial harm-reduction program has helped her get her life together. 'My relationship with my daughter is better than it's ever been.'*


Better idea; Stabilization first w/

Its primary uses in medicine are in the treatment of those addicted to opioids, such as*heroin*and*oxycodone, but it may also be used to treat pain, and sometimes nausea inantiemetic*intolerant individuals, most often in*transdermal patch*form.[3]

Detox w/

Food grade diatomaceous earth w/ calcium bentonite
Lose weight and detox heavy metals/ pharmeceuticals)
(I tablespoon in 6-8oz glass of h20 per day)
$12.99 @

Followed by;
(Upgrade from sulfur contaminated wines)

Balcones Distilling Wins Four Best in Class Gold Medals at the*2016 Whiskies of the World Awards!

Balcones, Waco Texas


1 Tim. 5:23
Do not drink water from now on, but drink a little wine
( We are from non grape growing Northern latitudes, our bodies accustomed to distilled spirits like Scotch.)
because of your stomach and because of your chronic illness.

800 AMen
We must not underestimate the devastating effect of getting lost in the chaos, even if we know it is the sine qua non of any regeneration of the spirit and personality
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