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Default Black Inmate identified in fatal attack

Tramell Hunter charged in death of Correctional Officer

UPDATE: Inmate identified in fatal attack
Tramell Hunter charged in death of Correctional Officer
By John Walton | jwalton@ktalnews.tv
Published 12/18 2016 09:26PMUpdated 12/19 2016 02:58PM
Tramell Hunter/TXK Today


UPDATE: Tramell Hunter is identified as the inmate accused of attacking two Correctionial Officers inside the Miller County Detention Center.

The attacked happened Sunday afternoon. One of the Correction Officer's, Lisa Mauldin, died as a result of her injuries. A second Correctionial Officer, Demaris Allen, was transported to a Little Rock, Arkansas hospital.

Hunter made his first appearance in court this morning and is facing capital murder and battery charges.

His bond was set at $1 million.

According to TXK Today, Hunter is what is known as a 309 inmate, which contracts throughout the state of Arkansas for housing and supervision of ADC inmates in county and city jails.

Hunter was sentenced in Pulaski County to 180 months in 2011 for aggravated robbery and 1st degree domestic battery.

Hunter was taken to the ADC's maximum security Varner Unit following this morning's court appearance.

He's due back in court on January 10.

A Correction's Officer at the Miller County Detention Center died after being attack Sunday afternoon.

According to the Miller County Sheriff's Office it happened Sunday afternoon at 1 p.m.

Deputies say two female correction officers were attacked by an inmate.

Both correction officers were transported to Wadley Hospital for injuries sustained during the attack.

CO Lisa Mauldin succumbed to her injuries and CO Demaris Allen was transported to a Little Rock, Arkansas hospital.

The Arkansas State Police Criminal Investigation Division was called in to investigate the incident.

The detention center is secure and currently in lockdown.
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