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Old 07-13-2019, 07:49 PM
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Default Re: 36 nation wrecking kikenvermin protesters arrested outside ICE detention center in N.J.


The Jews getting arrested at ICE centers are just getting started
Jewish activists behind Never Again Action are at forefront of civil disobedience campaign that deliberately uses Holocaust terminology to protest migrant detention centers
By Ben Sales
13 July 2019, 2:20 am 16

Police stand in front of protesters at a demonstration at an ICE detention center in Elizabeth, New Jersey, June 30, 2019. (Naftali Y. Ehrenkranz via JTA)

NEW YORK (JTA) — If you’re going to physically block an entrance to an ICE detention center, the handbook says, don’t act nice about it.

Do chant in Yiddish. Do sing Hebrew prayers.

“Defiant, angry, urgent, Jewish,” reads the #NeverAgainIsNow Action Toolkit, a six-page Google Doc meant for Jews planning to protest at Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention centers. “The goal is to actually make it impossible for ICE and/or the Democratic Establishment to do business as usual. Find the chokepoint and shut it down — we are not f**king around here.”

This is the digital handbook for a protest movement called Never Again Action that was born two weeks ago and is growing fast. The movement’s first action was to protest at an ICE detention center in New Jersey, where 36 people were arrested. Two days later, 18 people each were arrested in similar actions in Boston and Washington, DC.

In Boston and New Jersey, the protesters were arrested at the entrance to the detention centers. In Washington, they were arrested in the rotunda of the Cannon House Office Building.

At least six actions in total have taken place at ICE facilities across the country, co-sponsored with other groups, according to Sophie Ellman-Golan, an organizer of the New Jersey demonstration. Never Again Action is planning another demonstration in DC on Tuesday to culminate this round of protests, though movement leaders say it’s only the first stage of a broader campaign.

“What is happening at the border is an abomination, but I also know that there are children in my own city, in my own community, that have gone to bed over the last three weeks without their parents,” said Amy Fischer, 33, one of the Washington protesters who was arrested. “I was trying to make a loud statement that what was happening was unacceptable and until these camps are shut down we will continue organizing.”

The demonstrations, which are live-streamed on social media, employ Hebrew songs and Jewish chants. In Chicago, protesters sang a Hebrew song that translates to “An eternal flame will be lit on the altar.” In Washington, Fischer said, the arrested protesters sang “Oseh shalom,” or “God who makes peace” while they were being carted off. The organization’s materials suggest saying the Mourner’s Kaddish for migrant children who have died in US custody.
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