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Old 03-29-2020, 08:24 AM
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Default WF. 21 cut during jigro armed robbery Hoover, AL mall parking garage


Suspect charged in armed robbery of woman in Riverchase Galleria parking deck
Posted Mar 27, 5:16 PM

A 22-year-old Birmingham man is behind bars and charged in the robbery of a woman in the Riverchase Galleria’s North parking deck.

Hoover police late Friday afternoon announced the arrest of Aiko Nahsima Deonte Mills. He is charged with first-degree robbery.

The holdup happened shortly before 3:30 p.m. Friday, March 13, on the third level of the deck. Joy Geer, a 21-year-old Jefferson State Community College baking and pastry major, was in between appointments so decided to kill some time at the mall.

She had just finished reading a text message on her phone and was gathering her belongings together to go inside when she heard, and felt, her driver’s side window glass breaking. “There was a man screaming but I really just saw a gun in my window,’’ she said.

The assailant, described by Hoover police as an unknown black male, had busted her window with his gun and was yelling demands at Geer. She handed him her cell phone and he was screaming for her to give him the code. She told him there wasn’t one.

“He was getting frustrated,’’ she said. He then asked for more. “I kept telling him I didn’t have anything, but he said, ‘I don’t care. Give me everything you’ve got.’’’

Once the suspect got her wallet, he fled to a waiting vehicle and left the scene. “The glass had cut me across the face and arms. There was piece lodged in my cheek,’’ Geer said. “I know I sat in my car for a second in shock.”

“I kept looking around hoping somewhere was there,’’ she said, but she was alone. That’s when she sought help inside the mall. “I needed to get inside and tell someone because I didn’t know what he was going to do to someone else.”

She quickly found help inside. Mills had fled the scene.


Joy Geer is with Mae Geer.
March 14 at 2:48 PM ·

Hey guys, as I know some of you heard what happened and I'm just here to say, I'm OK. In case you haven't heard, yesterday I pulled into the parking deck at the galleria when a man busted in my window and pointed a gun at me and demanded my phone and wallet, he then ran to his car where another person was waiting and drove off. My window is completely busted out but that is replaceable. I'm OK, he didn't touch me and other than some cuts on my arms, legs, and the obvious ones on my face from a large piece of glass getting lodged in, I have no other damage and thankfully he only took material things which are very much replaceable. I just want to say that this was all in broad daylight so please be mindful at all times of your surroundings, even if you think you're safe wherever you are. Thank you for all your concern, I was in fact very panicked but I am OK.

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