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Default Small 80% Spook town has 4 shootouts in less than 30 days

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Default Re: Small 80% Spook town has 4 shootouts in less than 30 days

Yazoo investigators say latest shooting gang related, retaliation for another homicide

YAZOO, Miss. (WLBT) - The Yazoo City Police Department is looking for five persons of interest who are facing aggravated assault charges.

This stems from a shooting that happened around 12:15 Friday afternoon on Prentiss Avenue and 9th Street. Yazoo County Sheriff Jacob Sheriff, who’s also serving as the interim police chief, said Friday’s shooting is gang related and in retaliation to a 13-year-old who was shot and killed just last month.

The sheriff said two vehicles, including a white Tahoe, were involved in the shooting. After firing the shots, Sheriff said the gunmen then tried to drive off but ended up crashing into another car as it was backing out.

No injuries were reported in the shooting or the car crash.

Investigators spent the day searching for the people involved in the shooting. At this time, an arrest has not been made and the search is still on-going for those involved in the incident.

However, the sheriff said investigators have been running into one major problem during this investigation.

”People are afraid to talk,” said Sheriff. “When activities like this are going on, they are afraid for their life, afraid that they might be shot, but, here again, we cannot be in two and three places at the same time. We have to have info, and people in the community they know the info. Without help we cannot solve all of the problems.”

On Friday, The Mississippi Bureaus of Investigation, and Narcotics assisted the police department in its search for the suspects. The incident is just one of many shootings that has taken place in the city and county for more than a month.

Since March, 3 On Your Side has reported on four shootings that have happened in the area, including the one Friday. Two of those shooting have been deadly.

Investigators are asking for the public’s help finding the people responsible in Friday’s shooting, and in the others that have taken place over the past month.

If anyone has information on the shootings, you’re asked to contact the Yazoo City Police Department or the Yazoo County Sheriff’s Department, and you can report anonymously.
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