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Old 07-08-2018, 10:35 AM
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Thumbs down Re: Jiggie Foxx sings 'Happy Birfday' at Trayboon Martin event


Jamie Foxx’s alleged penis-slapping case closed
By Derrick Bryson Taylor
July 8, 2018 | 10:22am

Jamie Foxx won’t be facing any charges for allegedly slapping a woman in the face wif hiz dikk.

The Las Vegas police department says the case is closed, according to TMZ.

The site claims the statute of limitations, which is three years, have expired.

There won’t be any civil suits against the mega star either, those limitations have also run out.

In June, a woman came forward declaring she was hit in the face with Foxx’s penis in 2002 after refusing to perform oral sex on the Oscar and Grammy winner.

The woman claims she went to a local hospital the following day for a panic attack.

Throughout the investigation, Foxx, 50, has denied the incident ever occurred.

It’s unclear if Foxx, who’s dating coalburning slut Katie Holmes, plans to take legal action against the accuser.

A request for comment from Foxx’s rep wasn’t immediately returned.
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