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Old 03-24-2020, 11:33 PM
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Default My Anti-Vaccine story which is TRUE. Flu and Pneumonia vaccines.

During my 4 year Nursing Program at an elite private University, we held annual Flu Vaccination free clinics hosted by the Sophmore and Junior class.
Prior 38 years of life, I had never been sick with flu, nothing worse than a common cold with watery sniffles. Both years of hosting the clinic I got a Flu Vaccine, and both years I became deathly sick, in bed with green yogurt thick mucus I had to cough up from my lungs in giant plugs of green nonstop for about 6 days. I was down for the count for about 8 days, fever, chills and chest congestion. I was told by my professors, "It wasn't the vaccine, you were getting sick already, the prodromal stage. Correlation does not equal Causation."
Since then (1997), having received no vaccines, I have not been sick with the Flu, and only have come down with a mild common cold about 3 times.

About 4 years after graduation, I worked in a Nursing Home full time for 4 years, which had ~120 elder residents. The first two Flu Seasons, starting with giving the Flu/Pneumonia vaccine to 120 elders, within a week it was endless work, shuffling residents via ambulance to the ER, calling in MDs to see sick elders. Every year, on average 2 to 6 elders died. Now I'm a curious one and I got suspicious after my own experience with the Flu Vaccine.
In the 3rd year of my work there, I did a little Psychology experiment. Around October 1st when the first chatter about vaccines started up, I started telling the other RNs that I refused to give any vaccines that year. Worked like a charm. The other 8 or 9 RN/LPN ganged up and forced me to do the 120 vaccines all by myself. As I waltzed around the floors, they would snicker because they made ME give those vaccines. I was the laughing stock of the Nursing Home as well as laughed at by Management.

Funny thing, my plan all along was to not give even ONE vaccine. I did not, either. I shot the liquid into the air, onto a blanket, or onto the floor under the bed. During the next 6-8 weeks, the staff was buzzing about "Not ONE elder was getting the Flu, not ONE was sick!" I played dumb and annoyed that they "made" me give all those vaccines on top of my regular duties.A couple more weeks went by, by this time Management were having meetings, they had a few new potential residents waiting for an empty bed. They called me into the Conference Room, demanding to know IF I gave the vaccines. There would be up to 8 people grilling me, firing the angry questions nonstop.
"Of course I gave the vaccines!" Playing indignant. Every 4 or 5 days, Management would interrogate me again, usually for about 30-45 minutes at a time. Suddenly, the MDs started to gather in the "interrogation room" and give me the drill of "DID YOU GIVE THE VACCINES, OR NOT?!?" At one point, there was 11 people grilling me.
But, I'm a tough nut to crack. I continued to LIE about giving it, when the fact is, I did not give the vaccines.

Everyone was angry day after day for the next 3 1/2 months, lost business, no overtime, in all the related businesses from Hospital, to transport, to Nursing home.
WHO was really laughing at WHO?

After that most rewarding and gleeful caper, I tell people my true story and if they wish to get the Flu/Pneumonia vaccine, I'll just smile and walk away gracefully.
Now that I know the truth on those vaccines, I will not be a party to cause further sickness or deaths in my elders.
I wrote up the story with details and shared with Robert Kennedy Jr., no response. I mailed Certified Letters to his office, no response. I made phone calls, his office refused to take my calls. All he had to do was pull 5 years of medical records from the facility, 2 yrs before, my year, and 2 years after. Would have proven that vaccines harm and ended the debate immediately.
So, what does THAT tell you about RFK, Jr.?
Tells me he's a fraud just like anyone else who pushes vaccines. The entire vaccine controversy is a giant PsyOps and a 100% waste of time.
Just say NO, where NO is the most powerful word in the English Language.
I can add a **** to the NO too.
**** NO to their poisonous vaccines!

[Posted by ‘Anonymous Concerned Contributor to New Nation News (c) 2020']
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