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Old 05-28-2018, 06:36 AM
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Default Re: Nigga's Caught By White Man's Voodoo! DNA/Cold Case


Accused rapist shows penis to jury to prove innocence
May 24, 2018 | 9:46pm

Now that’s junk justice.

A Connecticut man on trial for sexual assault was allowed to drop trousers and expose his penis to a stunned New Haven jury this week — to prove that it doesn’t match his accuser’s description.

The accuser says she was raped in 2012 by a stranger whose penis was lighter than the rest of his skin — and picked Desmond James, 26, out of a photo lineup as her attacker.

But James’ attorney on Wednesday argued that his client’s private parts are actually darker than the rest of his body — and the best way to prove it was to display his manhood.

Judge Elpedio Vitale agreed it was within James’ Sixth Amendment rights to defend himself by whipping his bits out in the hall of justice.

Miranda also argued that the case didn’t hang on what was hanging between James’ legs alone — claiming that DNA evidence in the victim’s rape kit was also consistent with James’ genetic profile.
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