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Old 05-17-2019, 12:51 PM
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Default MEXICAN-named Woman assaults foreign KFC manager for ignoring her job application


Woman assaults KFC manager for ghosting her job application: cops
By Natalie O'Neill
May 17, 2019 | 2:49pm

Not the best way to land a job.

A Connecticut woman got so steamed when her job application to Kentucky Fried Chicken was ignored, she conked a manager on the head with a metal pipe, according to a report Friday.

The bizarre brawl began when Karielys Ayala, 22, called the fast food joint in Bridgeport to complain that she’d submitted a resume but hadn’t gotten a call back, police told the Connecticut Post.

Later, she stormed the restaurant and allegedly took a swing at 45-year-old manager Bhagmattie Persaud — who fought back by throwing a container of scalding water at her on May 3, according to the outlet.

Persaud suffered second-degree burns on her face, neck and arms — but both women are in hot water over the Kentucky-fried kerfuffle. Persaud appeared in court on Wednesday for an arraignment, where her lawyer, James “Jay” Ruane, called the water toss “self-defense.”

A surveillance video also shows Ayala pick up a piece of a metal display and whack Persaud with it on the side of the head, police told the outlet. Persaud was charged with second-degree assault. Ayala was busted for assault, the report said.
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