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Old 05-15-2019, 10:49 AM
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Default Good Samaritans Rush To Aid Of Baby After (black) Mother Consumes Drugs In West Philadelphia: Police


Good Samaritans Rush To Aid Of Baby After Mother Consumes Drugs In West Philadelphia: Police
By Kimberly Davis
May 14, 2019 at 11:35 pm

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Strangers came to the rescue Tuesday as a mother struggled with her baby on a West Philadelphia sidewalk. Surveillance cameras captured the chance encounter.

Everyone just wanted to make sure the mother and her baby were safe and knew they needed help.

The infant was taken to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for evaluation after a group of good Samaritans stepped in to help a mother who seemed like she needed it most.

“She did not even look,” Adolphus Carr said. “She just walked straight across the street.”

When West Philadelphia residents saw a mother who did not look well dart across the street Tuesday afternoon with an infant, they acted fast.

“I turned around in my car and stopped the traffic light right there,” Carr said. “Jumped on out of my car and tried to hold her and a little baby was in the stroller screaming.”

In the video, it appears the mother has something in her hand that a good Samaritan was able to take and kick away. It’s unclear what exactly was in her hand.

But Carr said when other people saw him trying to intervene, they also stepped in to help, feeding the baby and even burping the infant.

Among them was Steven Gov.

“That shows that people do care,” Gov said. “That was the most important thing was to get her out of the street, sit her down and get her the help that she needed.”

It all happened on the 1300 block of North 52nd Street.

Gov was inside JSSK Laundromat working when he saw the ordeal.

The mother and the 2-month-old baby eventually ended up in the care of police.

An investigation is now underway but no charges have been filed.

“Hopefully she gets the help that she needs if she is on anything,” Gov said, “and the baby’s safe.”

Police say the mother did confess to taking narcotics. She is now being treated at Lankenau Medical Center.

Department of Human Services is also involved in the investigation.
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