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Default Jefferson City, MO WM, 33 shot to death during robbery by colored boy


Jefferson City suspect charged with murder in double shooting


A Jefferson City suspect has been charged with Second-Degree Murder and Assault in the death of one man and serious wounding of another on December 12 near Atchison Street and Broadway.

According to court documents, the victim who survived told police that he and his friend, 33-year-old Justin Kammerich, were standing outside their apartments when they were approached by a man with a Glock pistol with an extended magazine who tried to rob them. Before they could turn over their belongings, the shooter, 16-year-old Jahaun Whirley, shot them both multiple times before running away.

A witness told police that Whirley came knocking on his door the next day looking for his cell phone, which he apparently had lost sometime during the commission of the homicide. The witness said Whirley had an aggressive demeanor about him and believed his phone was at the witness's residence.

Police searched Whirley's residence, and found a bag containing a Glock pistol with an extended magazine and a round in the chamber. They also found clothing that matched a description given by the surviving victim. The Missouri Highway Patrol's lab confirmed that Whirley's gun fired the rounds found at the crime scene.


Justin Ray Kammerich
October 20, 1985 - December 13, 2018

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