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Old 04-19-2017, 11:24 AM
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Default Negro Charged With Rape of 8-Year-Old


Man Charged With Rape of 8-Year-Old
Apr 19, 2017 12:10 PM CDT

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A man is behind bars Wednesday and charged with the rape of an 8-year-old girl.

Tuesday, April 18, police were called to a home in the 3300 block of W. 11th St. in reference to a rape that happened sometime between 2:45 and 3:45 p.m. .

When police arrived, they met with a 38-year-old woman. She claimed Justin McCray, 23, had sexually assaulted her 8-year-old daughter.

The woman told police McCray is a family friend who lives with her. She said she came home to find her daughter naked from the waist down in McCray's bedroom.

The girl told police that McCray had performed certain sexual acts on her. She was taken to Children's Hospital for a medical evaluation.
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