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Old 04-15-2017, 08:52 AM
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Default Texas A&M feetstball playa dun exposed the head of his penis along part of shaft to female tutors


Texas A&M football player charged with indecent exposure
10:57 PM. CDT April 14, 2017

COLLEGE STATION, Texas - Texas A&M receiver Kirk Merritt is facing two counts of indecent exposure for allegedly rubbing his genitals in front of two female students who were assigned to tutor him.

Merritt is still on the football team at this time.

The criminal complaint against Merritt states the receiver “exposed the head of his penis along part of the shaft outside of his shorts and rubbed it in an up and down motion while sitting within arm’s reach of” a female student tutor who had been assigned to assist the football player with his history studies.

The complaint also states Merritt, “pulled his shorts down and held his penis in his bare hand while sitting within arm’s reach” of a second female tutor who had been assigned to Merritt.

Both young women filed police reports on consecutive days after their tutoring sessions with Merritt. The two tutors did not know each other, according to one of the victims.

Merritt was benched pending the outcome of a student disciplinary committee hearing. The committee ruled during an appeal filed by the victims, that Merritt “recklessly exposed himself,”.

Merritt’s attorney, Rick Davis, says this does not mean that he exposed himself for his own self-gratification.

“During these two consecutive days when this occurred, Kirk’s genitals were itching significantly and he scratched them,” Davis said. “And he scratched them significantly. And it is possible that these young women saw this and he’s embarrassed by that.”

Davis would not elaborate on-the-record as to the source of the “itching” sensation Merritt claims he was experiencing – however, a victim says Merritt claimed during a hearing his genitals had recently been shaved and he was scratching them because they itched.

One of the alleged victims says this excuse is absurd, it was obvious what Merritt was doing, and the university is putting others at risk by not forcing the football player to get help.
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