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Old 03-17-2017, 12:05 PM
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Default Negroid community activist accused of stealing from anti-crime nonprofit

A well-known Kansas City community activist is now facing felony charges accused of stealing money from an anti-crime nonprofit organization he helped found.

FOX 4 broke the news first on Thursday that Bryan Dial was charged with felony receiving stolen property. Prosecutors said he stole a credit card from Mothers In Charge and used it to rack up more than $500 in charges.

Dial is the former executive director of the Ad Hoc Group Against Crime. Hes also currently an associate minister at Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church and hes run for seats on both city council and the school board.

Court documents show the listed victim, Rosilyn Temple, and Dial have long considered each other like family, as they worked together to found Mothers In Charge back in 2013. But their bond might now be broken after allegations of stealing surfaced.

Temple herself is well-known in the community, having made it her life's mission to comfort Kansas City families during their toughest times. Shes showed up alongside police at every homicide scene for years as a founder and executive director of Mothers In Charge.

Prosecutors have accused Dial of stealing the nonprofit's credit card from Temple's purse while visiting her home right before Christmas last year. They allege he then used it to spend more than $100 at an Independence Walmart and more than $400 at a Kansas City Walgreens on Christmas Eve.

Court documents show Dial was caught on surveillance camera buying pre-paid gift cards and he admitted to detectives he made the purchases. However, Dial claims Temple gave him permission to use the card.

Temple declined an on-camera interview with FOX 4 on Thursday, but court documents show she told police that Dial has never had permission to use her credit card.

When Fox 4 went to Dial's home Thursday to get his side of the story, he quickly backed his car into his garage and shut the door. He ignored our knocks and phone call from his front steps.

But he later called us back to say the allegations against him are "bogus and false" and promised "the truth will soon come out."

Civil court records show Dial tried to sue Ad Hoc for $4,500 in severance pay after resigning in 2014.

After police began investigating him for these stealing accusations, Dial filed small claims paperwork against Temple for $4,500, claiming she caused damage to his car two years ago.

He has since chosen to dismiss that civil case.

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