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Old 01-12-2020, 03:18 PM
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Default Black Man sparks panic after pretending to pull gun on fellow subway passengers


Man sparks panic after pretending to pull gun on fellow subway passengers

By Larry Celona, Georgett Roberts and Ruth Weissmann
January 11, 2020 | 3:48pm | Updated

An unidentified man pretended to have a gun on a subway train Saturday afternoon in Manhattan. Robert Miller

A straphanger pretending to have a gun sparked panic Saturday afternoon aboard a Manhattan subway train, police and witnesses told The Post.

The mayhem erupted when the unidentified man got into an argument with his girlfriend aboard a southbound D train near 103rd Street station on the Upper West Side at around 3 p.m.

As things escalated, he motioned as if he had a handgun, and pretended to point it at fellow passengers, according to sources and witnesses.

“Just sitting here on a stalled Sunday because someone is brandishing a gun at the end of our train,” one passenger on the train tweeted.

“I’m on the train right now that’s stuck on 103rd,” wrote Twitter user @lordRhumak. “Some guy claimed he had a gun on the train and they shut all of this s— down.”

One panicked straphanger pulled the train’s emergency cord, stopping it short of the station, the sources said.

“ I saw a woman running out of the train station. She was clearly having a panic attack. She was bawling, howling like she was at her child’s funeral,” said one witness who only gave his first name, Jonathan.

A man was arrested in connection to possible gunfire at the 103 Street station.Dan Herrick

Cops swarmed the scene, one witness said.

“I’m on the D train car 2517 and the train has been stuck here almost an hr they turned off the power and said someone in the back has a gun!” tweeted William B Johnson. “Everyone the cops are here in tactical gear and shields [are] we hostages???”

Cops arrested the man inside the station, and confirmed that he was not armed, police sources said.

The suspect was brought to the Transit District 3 station office, the sources said.

The scare snarled train service throughout Manhattan, as Southbound A, C, and D trains were held in the station while the NYPD investigated the situation, the MTA tweeted.

Regular service resumed around 5 p.m.
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