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Old 03-20-2017, 10:58 AM
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Default Black man kills his (black) surgeon wife at their Texas mansion

A black female transplant surgeon (a real life unicorn, surprised there was never a Hollywood movie about her) killed by black husband.

Husband then shot himself during a standoff with SWAT



PS. Editor note: I don't understand the 'unicorn' reference - but I added a link to the 'Urban dictionary' just in case that might help.

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Old 03-20-2017, 07:17 PM
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Default Re: Black man kills his surgeon wife. Possibly killed their 3 yr old

Husband and surgeon wife die in murder-suicide after five-hour SWAT team standoff at their Texas mansion
  • Sherilyn and Daniel Burroughs were found dead in their Richmond home Sunday
  • Officers arrived at the home on Sunday morning after a relative of Sherilyn called police to report Daniel was making comments about harming his wife
  • After a five-hour standoff, a SWAT team forced their way inside the property
  • Seconds later, a single shotgun blast was heard from an upstairs bedroom
  • Officers found Daniel's body on the floor, as well as Sherilyn's in the bathroom
A 47-year-old woman and her husband have been found dead in what police believe was a murder-suicide. Sherilyn and Daniel Burroughs, 60, were found in their two-story mansion in Richmond, Texas, on Sunday after a SWAT team raided the property. Sherilyn was a surgeon at Houston Methodist Hospital, where she specialized in kidney and liver transplants, as well as liver disease and Crohn’s disease treatments. Officers went to the Burroughs' home about 10am on Sunday after one of Sherilyn's relatives called the police to alert them to concerning comments being made by the 60-year-old. 'A family member out of state called because he had called her making some vague strange comments so police came out here to try to make contact and were unable to do so with him or her,' Fort Bend County Police detective David Williams told KPRC. 'It was just some comments about that he was going to harm his wife or that he may already have done so.'

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