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Old 10-03-2019, 12:07 PM
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Default Gabrielle Walker Climate Scientist: denier of basic physics

Gabrielle Walker Climate Scientist: denier of basic physics

Quick Book Review: An Ocean of Air
Endorsement by the New York Times

This is the usual anecdotal and selective misinformation, with a muddled and grotesque historical perspective.

Gabrielle has a gift for landfill writing;

“He (John Tyndall) had a large nose that jutted out to a point, with two deeply grooved lines…”

There were a number of Johns, in the late 18th century doing Ice Age research. According to the fossil record, there had been an end of day’s epoch, much like Dante’s frozen hell. The only possibility seemed to be, that a greenhouse gas warmed the Earth.

We now know that the ice ages are caused by continental drift, in particular, the movement of Antarctica from the Pacific Ocean, to its present location. The geological record is clear from ocean sediments. See attachment.

Gabrielle Walker and her Mainstream Media friends …. all the same thing.
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