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Old 11-03-2016, 06:18 PM
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Default Delaware County Man Guilty of Taking Pics Up Skirts of Prosecutor, 2 Others


Delaware County Man Guilty of Taking Pics Up Skirts of Prosecutor, 2 Others
Published at 1:26 PM EDT on Nov 3, 2016 | Updated at 1:35 PM EDT on Nov 3, 2016

A Delaware County man has pleaded guilty to taking pictures up the skirts of three women -- one of whom just happened to be a county prosecutor.

Bobby Hayden, 33, pleaded guilty to charges of invasion of privacy, harassment and disorderly conduct, according to the Delco Times.

The case was prosecuted by the state attorney general because one of the victims was a county prosecutor.

Hayden, from Chester Township, was arrested when that woman realized what he was doing while the two were in a cafe on May 19.

The victim kept her composure — and an eye on Hayden — while she called police.

A second victim reported an incident after Hayden's arrest was publicized and he admitted victimizing a third woman while in custody.

He'll be sentenced Feb. 1.
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