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Old 09-29-2020, 07:00 AM
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Default Sow monkey ooks We're going to f*** all night b***h' repeatedly, vine swings on Detroit flight


Woman's 'demonic' meltdown on Detroit flight gets compared to the Exorcist as she climbs the cabin while swearing profusely

Video footage shows a woman climbing onto the plane seats and screaming during a flight
Passengers and cabin crew on the Detroit-bound plane are seen detaining her
They move the distressed passenger toward the front of the aircraft as shocked onlookers are heard commenting on the episode
One person speculated she may have taken a drug in the bathroom
It's not clear which airline she was flying

Updated: 05:48 EDT, 29 September 2020

At one point, the woman wearing casual joggers and a jacket, clings onto the top of the overheard cabin bins containing hand luggage and shouts, 'We're going to f*** all night b***h,' repeatedly.

She does not appear to be speaking to anyone in particular and she stands on the arm and neck rests to project her statements to the rest of the plane.

Throughout, the woman is seen using the tops of the overhead bins to gain leverage and thrust her hips forward.
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