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Old 04-26-2017, 06:04 AM
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Default IRANIAN Ear, Nose, Throat Doc Mahmoud Ghaderi Touched Woman’s Breasts, Privates


DA: Ear, Nose, Throat Doc Touched Woman’s Breasts, Privates
April 25, 2017 11:55 PM

MEDIA, Pa. (CBS/AP) — A Pennsylvania ear, nose and throat doctor has been charged with indecently assaulting a 39-year-old female patient by touching her breasts and private areas during an exam.

Defense attorney Arthur Donato says Dr. Mahmoud Ghaderi is “well-respected” and will defend himself against charges of aggravated indecent assault and indecent assault stemming from the April 19 exam.

According to a criminal complaint obtained by CBS3, the victim’s primary care physician recommended she see Dr. Ghaderi.

During the exam, authorities say Ghaderi looked in her ear, stating, “there weren’t any tumors” before starting to feel around her neck.

The woman tells investigators that Ghaderi complimented her on being young looking and after telling him she had a teenage daughter he responded by saying, “You had her when you were 2?”

She says he then touched her improperly after suggesting her gynecologist wasn’t properly treating her.

That’s when Ghaderi is accused of touching the victim inappropriately.

“You know I’m a doctor even though I’m an ear nose and throat, I’m still a doctor,” Ghaderi allegedly told the victim. “I just want to make sure that your gynecologist is doing everything that they’re supposed to do because you have such a young face.”

Authorities say Ghaderi proceed to feel the victim’s breasts and asked her to unbutton her pants.

In the complaint, Ghaderi is accused of touching the victim in her private areas so that he could “check for lesions”

Ghaderi has been arrested and charged with aggravated indecent assault and indecent assault.

He is expected to appear in court for a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Thursday May 4.

Ghaderi Surname Distribution - Iran
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