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Old 06-10-2018, 04:56 PM
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Default Corrupt far-left democratic NY governor Cuomo blames evil white racism from Trump White House


Cuomo blames racism for weak federal response to Hurricane Maria victims
By Cedar Attanasio and Linda Massarella
June 10, 2018 | 1:15pm

Moments before taking his place in the annual Puerto Rico parade , Gov. Andrew Cuomo charged that the weak federal response to victims of Hurricane Maria is because of an inherit racism coming from the White House.

Cuomo said the death toll from Hurricane Maria stands at 4,500 – more than twice as many that died in Louisiana’s infamous Hurricane Katrina – yet the amount earmarked by Washington to help repair the island‘s infrastructure has been paltry.

“It’s a symptom of a federal government that believes in a sense of division…. That people of different skins and different languages are an offense to this nation,” Cuomo railed.

“Months later and they’re still in a state of denial. We’re in the state of New York and we don’t accept your denial.”

More than a million people are expected to march in line along Fifth Avenue.

The theme of this year’s parade is “One Nation, Many Voices,” and will be all about the island’s diversity.

Said Cuomo: “We celebrate much, but we also march in defiance …. of the injustice (done) against puerto rico.”

In addition to the floats and costumes floating through Manhattan, the parade will honor CBS News’ David Begnaud for his coverage of Hurricane Maria and the devastating aftermath.
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