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Old 02-10-2019, 08:08 AM
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Default Deputy seen on bodycam calling colored mane 'boy' and grabbing him by the throat


Deputy seen on bodycam calling black man 'boy' and grabbing him by the throat


A deputy is facing an internal affairs investigation after a video shows him calling a black man “boy” in an expletive-filled encounter that escalated into grabbing the man by the throat.

Deputy James Cady’s body camera recorded his exchange with Allen Floyd outside a Dania Beach hotel in July 2017. Public defenders said they were stunned by Cady’s behavior in the video, which they watched recently while preparing for the coming trial of a woman arrested that night.

In the video, Floyd stayed seated on a sidewalk, holding his baby, while the deputy demanded to see his identification. “For what?” Floyd asked, then shaking his head at him.

Floyd told the deputy his name. The deputy, reacting to Floyd not showing ID, threatened to arrest him and have the child removed by child protective services.

The deputy yelled, “Quit f------ with me, boy!” and, seconds later, “I’m going to f--- you up,” the footage shows. At one point in the video, the deputy grabbed Floyd’s throat.

“When I saw it, I was floored,” said Gordon Weekes, the executive chief public defender. It was within Floyd’s legal right to give the deputy only his name, not his ID, because he wasn’t the subject of the investigation that night, Weekes said.

On the night of the encounter, deputies were called to the Red Carpet Inn, responding to a report of an intoxicated woman who had broken a TV in Room 397. The motel wanted her evicted. The woman, Johnnymae Dardy, was watching Floyd’s 9-month-old baby.

Dardy, accused of being combative with deputies and trying to twice grab a deputy’s groin, faces four charges, including assault on a law enforcement officer and child neglect.

During the encounter, Floyd had questioned why the deputy was hostile. He told the deputy to “stop calling me ‘boy,’” then got up and tried to walk away. “I don’t want no problems with y’all,” Floyd told him. “You are standing there ‘calling me boy, grabbing me by my neck.’” He then showed his identification.

Floyd was not arrested, he never filed a complaint, and the whole matter appeared to be over.

Then the Public Defender’s Office reviewed the body-camera footage in preparation for Dardy’s upcoming trial.
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