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Old 01-15-2020, 10:49 AM
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Default NJ pizzeria fires manager accused of anti-Semitic rant toward worker


NJ pizzeria fires manager accused of anti-Semitic rant toward worker
By (((Yaron Steinbuch)))
January 15, 2020 | 11:24am

Maurizio's Pizzeria
Steve White

The manager of a New Jersey pizzeria who was accused of going on an anti-Semitic tirade when a delivery driver asked to take a night off on a Jewish holiday has been fired — and the family that owns the eatery has apologized to the teen, according to a report.

Francesco Scotto Di Rinaldi, the manager of Maurizio’s Pizzeria & Italian Ristorante in Eatontown, was axed for the shocking verbal attack, the Schianodicola family told NJ Advance Media in a statement.

“The actions of this one employee are inexcusable and completely distasteful, [and] such actions will not be tolerated,” said the family, which was in Italy for three weeks when news of a discrimination lawsuit broke.

“We would like to be clear that the single actions of this employee in no way reflects the beliefs and values of the owners of Maurizio’s,” the owners said.

“We hope that the Eatontown community understands that this isolated incident is no way a reflection of the 20 years positive impact that we believe we have had on our community.

“Most importantly, we would like to apologize to Mr. Bogan and his family for any hardship or offense that these events have caused his family,” they added, referring to 17-year-old Nicholas Bogan, who worked part-time at the joint.

Nick Bogan, 17, received anti-Semitic text messages from his boss Francesco Di Rinaldi at Maurizio’s PIzzeriaThe text exchange from Francesco Di Rinaldi

When the teen asked Di Rinaldi for a night off to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, the manager replied, “F–k the Jewish ,” according to a Monmouth County lawsuit filed in November by Bogan’s parents.

“Put them on fire (fire emoji)/Like hitler was trying to do/He had a point,” he added, according to court papers.

Bogan sent three “crying laughing” emojis to try defuse the situation, but Di Rinaldi continued his tirade, according to the lawsuit.

Di Rinaldi texted back that he “can’t stand” Jewish people or “Indians as well,” and that both groups “don’t belong” in America, a screenshot of their exchange shows.

The pizzeria has been receiving “hateful” messages and phone calls since the story broke, the news outlet reported.

In addition to back pay, benefits and punitive damages, the teen is asking the court to order pizzeria workers to undergo anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training (punishment).

NJ Advance Media said its attempts to reach Di Rinaldi were unsuccessful.
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