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Old 04-11-2019, 08:47 AM
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Default Man Claiming To Be Doctor Accused Of Scamming Families, Conducting Hundreds Of Autopsies


Man Claiming To Be Doctor Accused Of Scamming Families, Conducting Hundreds Of Autopsies
April 10, 2019 at 6:10 pm

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Some grieving families across the country want answers after they say they were scammed by an autopsy company and its owner who claimed to be a doctor when he wasn’t. Shawn Parcells is accused of conducting hundreds of autopsies. Two local families fell prey to his alleged scheme.

Shawn Parcells
(credit: CBS3)

Wanda Rodriguez and her siblings suspected her 70-year-old father died from foul play.

“He was a great father, a good provider for nine children,” said Rodriguez.

Jose Matos passed away in September and his death left too many questions unanswered. The family contracted with a Kansas company to try and figure it out.

Tissue samples were sent to National Autopsy and Tissue Recovery Services, a company specializing in postmortem work for both government agencies and private citizens. Then the wait began.

“It doesn’t take that long for an autopsy,” said Rodriguez. “My dad passed away in September and we’re in April.”

It turns out the company is under the scrutiny of Kansas law enforcement, and Parcells, the man who runs the firm, is accused of conducting hundreds of autopsies without proper licensing. It’s also alleged that Parcells isn’t a doctor.

Parcells has been charged with theft and desecration counts.

“There’s remains of dad and we don’t know where they are,” said Kathleen Gough.

Gough saw the story of Parcells’ arrest and it confirmed a bad feeling she had. Following 91-year-old John Gough’s death, his lung was sent to Parcells’ firm.

The family tried to determine if he had a specific type of cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. They’ve been waiting nearly a year for what should have been 90 days.

Attorney Tom Kline, who isn’t connected to any of these cases, says he’s never heard of someone posing as a doctor to conduct autopsies.

“I’ve never had a case in 40 years representing serious claims where it turned out that the physician was not a physician,” said Kline.

In past interviews, Parcells has claimed he was supervised by a pathologist but prosecutors dispute that.

Parcells is not charged in connection to any of the other allegations that have surfaced here.

His attorney, Eric Kjorlie, said Parcells has to “firm up his operating procedures.” He also pointed to laboratory backlogs for delays. He wouldn’t specifically comment on the nature of the charges.

When pressed for information about how to help families, Kjorlie told CBS3 he advises family members to contact him about specific test results at 785-232-6868.
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