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Old 08-07-2018, 01:33 PM
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Default This is the (Mexican-surnamed) doorman accused of sending penis pics to residents


This is the doorman accused of sending penis pics to residents
By Reuven Fenton and Ruth Brown
August 6, 2018 | 8:15pm | Updated

Jonathon Aviles
Stefan Jeremiah

Guess this isn’t the type of exposure he was looking for.

The Post on Monday caught up to the Midtown doorman who was fired for terrorizing female residents by using his position to access their cell numbers and text them photos of his penis.

But creep concierge Jonathon Aviles had different ideas about personal privacy when a reporter showed up at his Bensonhurst doorstep.

“You need to leave the premises before I call the authorities,” the angry 20-something fumed from the apartment he shares with his mom.

His victims say they’re glad his face and name have now been revealed alongside his member, so he can’t continue his dirty doorman act elsewhere.

“Hopefully that will deter him being hired for future positions of the like,” said Taryn, 32.

She’s one of at least five women in the Tudor City Place co-op who began receiving sexts — including pictures of the then-mystery man’s junk — as far back as June. The texts even taunted them by using their real names.

Taryn eventually unmasked Aviles as the phantom perv by egging him into revealing more information about himself — he shared his name, that he works in the building, and a photo of his distinctively tattooed torso taken inside the property.

Aviles was officially busted last Tuesday when other workers confirmed the ink was his — and he was shown the door for good.

But the building’s management didn’t notify all of the residents until almost a week later, when it sent an apologetic email out Monday.

“We regretfully advise that it was recently discovered that a temporary (and now former) employee at the building used his position to obtain phone numbers of some building residents, sending them unsolicited and deeply distressing and offensive communications and photos,” PRC Management general manager Rebecca Zanes said in an email.

“We would like to extend our sincere apologies to everyone affected by this regrettable incident.”

Zanes insisted that all workers are “thoroughly vetted” but “nothing in this particular former employee’s background search indicated ANY cause for ‎concern.”

Two of Aviles’ victims reported him to police, but say the cops basically told them they didn’t have a case because the doorman denied being the texter and used an app to mask his own number.

The NYPD insisted Monday that it was still investigating, but one victim says that isn’t what she was told.

“[The detective said] our case is closed. There’s nothing we can do about it,” Christina, 27, said after checking in with the 17th Precinct detective.

“But I’m not going to stop until there are some consequence for his actions … there needs to be some repercussions for these people that take advantage of situations for their sick pleasure.”
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