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Old 05-04-2020, 05:54 AM
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Default Teenager gang raped after being lured to Birmingham flat by jigro she met on Facebook


Teenager gang raped after being lured to Birmingham flat by man she met on Facebook

Teenager met Marcellus Osborne on Facebook, who lured her to a flat where she was gang raped and then confronted him six years later. He then savagely beat her in the street

16:27, 27 Apr 2020

A teenager was gang raped after she was lured to a flat in Birmingham by a man she met on Facebook.

The victim remained silent about the attack for six years until a chance street encounter when she followed and confronted the rapist who then subjected her to a savage attack.

Marcellus Osborne began chatting with the victim in 2010 which resulted in them meeting up.

Shortly afterwards the defendant suggested they go to a party, she agreed, and he and another man picked her up.

They went to a house in Birmingham, the teenager not knowing exactly where she was but believing it was in Aston.

When they arrived it was immediately apparent that there was no party going on and she was taken to a room where there was a third man.

Anthony Warner, prosecuting at Birmingham Crown Court, said the men talked amongst themselves, were smoking weed and the victim felt really out of her depth.

She was then told to take off her clothes and was raped by Osborne while the others watched and laughed, the court was told.
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