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Old 12-16-2019, 09:24 AM
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Default MUSLIM ARAB Mostafa Hussaini "NJ man" arrested for racist death threats on YouTube


New Jersey man Mostafa Hussaini arrested for racist death threats on YouTube
By Lee Brown
December 16, 2019 | 8:03am | Updated

Mostafa Hussaini, seen in a video he posted online. YouTube

A New Jersey man has been arrested over a series of disturbing YouTube videos in which he said he wanted to kill blacks, Christians and soldiers — and even burned to death a parrot, according to authorities.

Mostafa Hussaini, 34, of Totowa, was arrested by federal agents in Florida after Miami cops were alerted to death threats made on his YouTube channel while he appeared to be staying in the Sunshine State, according to court documents.

“Imagine burning a black person, because I don’t like black people,” he says in one video posted on Dec. 8, during which he poured gasoline onto an open grill in a public space, according to the documents.

“This gasoline, imagine burning some black soldiers — they are going to look very black ,” he said in the recording, claiming to be able to “burn thousands, millions of them.”

In other footage, Hussaini is seen at a car dealership bragging about how vehicles can be used in mass killings — while another shows him encouraging people to carry firearms “everywhere” in Miami.

“If you have a machine gun, bring your machine gun,” he says in the video, according to prosecutors.

“I don’t like blacks, Spanish, some white, but there is no whites in Miami,” he added.

In another posted in October, he even burned a parakeet to death — naming it “Jesus” as a symbol of the Christians he wants to kill, according to the documents.

“I want to genocide most animals, all black people, all blonde people, most of European people,” he says in the description of one video, admitting bluntly, “I am racist,” the documents claim.

Hussaini was taken into federal custody last Wednesday on charges of interstate transmission of threatening communications. He made a four-minute court appearance on Thursday, the documents show, with papers filed to invoke his rights to remain silent.

The US Army Counterintelligence Command is working with the FBI and Miami Beach PD in an ongoing investigation, according to CBS12.

Hussaini’s court-appointed attorney did not immediately return requests for comment.
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