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Old 09-15-2018, 07:22 AM
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Talking Senegalese Afrocoon nearly loses penis after kicking dog in Spain


Migrant nearly loses penis after kicking dog in Spain
By Voice of Europe 15 September 2018

It happened in the early hours of 12 September. The cries of pain of a Senegalese citizen were heard throughout the neighbourhood of Santa Teresa Street in the town of Reus, shortly after midnight.

Local police arrived and found the man writhing in pain gesturing to his crotch. A local resident explained to the police how the African became wounded shortly before they arrived.

The witness said that the man kicked the dog of a local resident and the dog then retaliated. The dog clamped his teeth on the attackerís penis and then his hand as the man tried to push the animal away.

An ambulance arrived shortly after the police to Santa Teresa Street, where the wounded man was treated. Medical professionals could see that the victim had serious injuries to his penis.

The tearing of part of the skin and wounds in the glans and foreskin were caused by the animalís teeth, which pierced through the manís trousers and fully reached the reproductive organ.
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