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Old 09-13-2018, 07:21 AM
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Default Fambly shocked after deff fat nog arrives at cemetery in U-Haul van, burial hole wuz too small



Family shocked after deceased relative arrives at cemetery in U-Haul van
Man says brother's burial hole was too small, delaying funeral

Posted: 6:26 PM, September 12, 2018

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. - A South Florida family is upset over the botched burial of their loved one.

Thelford Rigby Jr., 30, better known as Tommy, had a severe weight problem and related health issues, so an oversized casket and grave site were required. But when it came time to lay Rigby to rest, there was nothing but indignity.

Family members said they somehow had the wrong measurements and that's why the burial hole and the vault were too small.

"Mother's in pain. Father's in pain. We're all in pain because we can't believe this is happening," Rigby's brother, Wilvinze Bazil, said.

Another painful insult was the hearse.

The Wright & Young Funeral Home couldn't use its hearses because they were too small, so employees told the family they would get an all-black or white cargo van. But a U-Haul van is what showed up at the service.

"A U-haul -- a U-Haul with U-Haul logos on it and the price on it," Bazil said.

When Local 10 News went to Wright & Young, nobody there wanted to speak on camera.

But the Miami funeral home later released a statement saying: "The staff of Wright & Young Funeral Home deeply regrets the transportation issue, which occurred during the service of Mr. Rigby. Our management team has met privately with the family and expressed our most sincere apologies and regrets."
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