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Old 09-23-2020, 07:01 AM
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Default Chicago Settles $350K Wif Fambly In Wrong Kwop Raid Where Niglet’s Birfday Cake Was Dropped On Floor


City Settles With Family In Wrong Police Raid Where Child’s Birthday Cake Was Dropped On Floor

September 4, 2020 at 8:18 am

CHICAGO (CBS) — You may remember the stunning images – a child’s birthday cake got tossed on the floor during a Chicago Police raid.

The problem is that it was the wrong home. And now, taxpayers are on the hook for it all.

The family has now reached a settlement with the city, which was approved by the City Council Finance Committee on Thursday. The wrong raid is part of a pattern that CBS 2 Investigator Dave Savini has been exposing.

“What was the first thing you saw?” Savini asked Samari Boswell.

“Guns,” Samari replied.

Samari, 7, said officers pointed guns at her as a team of 17 heavily-armed cops stormed into her family’s home right in the middle of her little brother TJ’s fourth birthday party.

The home was ransacked in February of last year. Personal property was destroyed TJ’s birthday cake was even dropped on the floor.

On Thursday, the City of Chicago settled a lawsuit filed by the family against the CPD for raiding the wrong home and traumatizing the children.

“I thought they was going to shoot me and my brother and everybody else,” Samari told Savini while sitting her mother, Stephanie Bules.

They and their families are among dozens who are accusing the CPD of raiding the wrong homes and pointed guns at them, a disturbing pattern the CBS 2 investigators have been exposing for two years.

We’ve obtained body camera footage showing police repeatedly raiding homes of innocent people. But there were no body cams used during the birthday raid, because specialized units like narcotics and gang units are not required to wear them.

“CPD is still continuing to break into families homes, point guns at little kids. CPD continues to treat kids, Black and Brown families, like they’re less than,” said Craig Futterman, who is part of a team of lawyers who forced sweeping reforms in the Chicago Police Department.

He said all cops should wear body cams and these bad raids have to stop.

The city is paying $350,000 to Samari’s family.
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