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Old 08-19-2020, 08:54 AM
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Default Re: Wilson, NC white boy, 5 intentionally shot in head dead by the negro neighbor


20,000 Member Strong Facebook Group Supports Cannon Hinnant’s Alleged Killer
"Justice for Darius Sessoms" Facebook Group was taken down after attracting thousands of members

A Facebook group with 20,000 members who support the alleged killer of 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant is going viral both due to its size and the controversial opinions held by group members.

Darius Sessoms, 25, is alleged to have murdered Cannon Hinnant, 5, after shooting him in the head at point blank range when Hinnant rode his bike on Sessoms’ front yard.
The incident became an international story as alternative media led the charge, while some mainstream media outlets completely sidestepped a brutal alleged murder that fails to fit their narrative.

The “Justice for Darius Sessoms” Facebook Group still prevails after accumulating a quick five-figure membership number.

The group’s opening statement read: “Darius Sessoms has been accused of a heinous act that he didn’t commit. This is all propaganda from the far-right Trump propaganda machine to make black people look bad.

“We cannot sit idly by while our president plays fast and loose with the laws. That’s why we need to back Darius against these outrageous allegations.”

SATAN WALKS AMONGST US! How dare anyone create or join a group as appalling as “Justice for Darius Sessoms”, a monster,…

Posted by Jason Sable on Saturday, August 15, 2020

One internet sleuth managed to infiltrate the group–that was reportedly started as a troll, but attracted various Black Lives Matter supporters–and nab screenshots of member’s posts.

“Has a Go Fund Me been set up for Darius? He’s a political prisoner and I would like to donate. We can’t sit idly by and let the system persecute him unjustly,” one person remarked.

“I just sent 300 dollars to Darius’ commissary. Stay strong brother,” wrote another.

Another person commented on the crowdfunding total the Hinnant family was set to receive. They wrote: “Not surprised the parents are cashing in… we’re going to find out later that he was provoked or somehow set up. Good luck getting that refund.”

Others commented on how Hinnant’s murderer was arrested and justice would be obtained. Meanwhile, George Floyd’s death was not believed to receive the same level of justice–bringing the conversation back to the topic of systemic racism.

“I’d feel worse about his death if he didn’t have such a stupid name. A “cannon” that gets shot? Seems like his dad was asking for it since day one,” responded one Facebook user.

Some sick Thin Blue Liner created a "Justice for Darius Sessoms" group that I was added to. Turns out it managed to…

Posted by Alexander Anderson on Saturday, August 15, 2020

The group has a simple membership process in order to join.

In addition to the “Justice for Darius Sessoms” group, a fake Wilson Police Department press release circulated social media to spread disinformation and to steer the narrative away from Hinnant’s murder.

The falsified Wilson PD Facebook post was fraught with typos, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors leading many to immediately question its authenticity.

However, the fake release managed to convince dozens of a change in narrative surrounding the horrific crime.
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Old 09-23-2020, 06:16 AM
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Default Re: Wilson, NC white boy, 5 intentionally shot in head dead by the negro neighbor


21-year-old woman charged in connection with shooting death of Wilson 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant

Tuesday, September 22, 2020 8:18PM

WILSON, N.C. (WTVD) -- Another person has been charged in connection with the August shooting death of Wilson 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant.

Wilson police said Aolani Takemi Marie Pettit, 21, of Wilson was arrested Tuesday. She was charged with felony accessory after the fact. Pettit received a $250,000 secured bond.

Custody Record
Age 21
Gender Female
Race Black
NC: Wilson County Sheriff's Office
ID Number 485939
Custody Status In Custody
Custody Detail Wilson County Detention Center
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