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Old 08-02-2018, 04:46 AM
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Default Re: WM Philadelphia Real Estate Developer, 37 Stabbed To Death After Altercation With Negro


Mother of Center City stabbing victim: I was manipulated by Philadelphia district attorney

The mother of Center City real estate developer Sean Schellenger, who was stabbed to death near Rittenhouse Square last month, says she was manipulated by the Philadelphia district attorney after hearing of the reduced charges against the suspect.

On Wednesday, the D.A.'s office downgraded charges to third degree murder and manslaughter against 21-year-old suspect Michael White.

Only speaking to Action News Wednesday night, Schellenger's mother Linda issued this statement:

"I thought it outrageous and I was manipulated by Larry Krasner. He was intellectually dishonest. He overruled his own prosecutors. They have clear video footage that would have allowed them to hold on murder 1 and no bail. Larry showed up at a preliminary hearing, which is rare, to grandstand for political purposes. My son has become his political pawn. I wanted to trust him. He breached and abused that trust."


Larry Krasner

Lawrence S. Krasner (born 1961) is an American lawyer, former civil rights attorney and public defender serving as the 26th and current District Attorney of Philadelphia since 2018.

Early life and education

Krasner was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1961.[1] His father, the son of Russian Jewish immigrants, wrote crime fiction, and his mother was an evangelical Christian minister.[2] His family eventually moved to the Philadelphia area while he was still in school.[1][clarification needed]

Krasner attended the University of Chicago, graduating in 1983.[3] He then attended Stanford Law School, graduating in 1987.[1]

After graduation he moved back to Philadelphia to work for the Federal Public Defenderís Office.[1]

Krasner has worked as a criminal defense lawyer in Philadelphia for 30 years,[4] specializing in civil rights,[5] and frequently represented protestors pro bono.[4] His representation for members of movements like Black Lives Matter and Occupy Philadelphia led many to call him an "anti-establishment" candidate.[6][7][8]

Krasner was a featured speaker at the 2017 People's Summit.[9]

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