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Old 03-30-2018, 09:18 AM
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Default ‘F–k the blacks’: College blasted for not disciplining student over racist posts


‘F–k the blacks’: College blasted for not disciplining student over racist posts
By Jackie Salo
March 29, 2018 | 8:06pm | Updated

Jillian Kirk

A Michigan college is under fire for refusing to take action against a female student whose social media accounts are reportedly littered with racist taunts.

Michigan State University students condemned school officials for what they believe has been an inadequate response to posts by sophomore Jillian Kirk, which includes one reportedly saying “GOD BLESS AMERICA, F–K THE BLACKS!”

In other tweets, Kirk allegedly uses the N-word and once wrote, “F–k n—rs I’m so over it,” The Tab reported.

Her Twitter account has since been deleted.

School officials issued a statement Wednesday to the news site saying they don’t “condone racial harassment or bullying,” but “do not get to control what every member of [their] community says.”

Kirk’s posts first started circulating on social media when freshman Miyanna Fowlkes shared several tasteless screenshots Tuesday from Kirk’s accounts.

“Let’s play a game… it’s called ‘How many retweets does this girl need before MSU kicks her out,’” Fowlkes tweeted.

In the screengrabs, Kirk appears to claim she “used to bully retards” and called a man the N-word.

Kirk responded to the backlash Thursday, saying she “apologizes for the inappropriate social media posts I made,” according to The Tab.

Fowlkes said she shared Kirk’s posts because she was frustrated there weren’t any consequences after two complaints were filed against her.

“I just don’t believe people like her should be allowed the privilege of becoming successful and be in a position of power,” Fowlkes told The Post. “Also MSU is legally allowed to kick her out but they chose not to.”

She said Kirk’s posts are not her “first offense” and that she will continue to pressure administrators to consider disciplinary action against Kirk.

“She should be required to do some sort of diversity training to attend this university ,” Fowlkes told The Post. “Actions like this without consequence are unacceptable because people begin to realize nothing will happen to them.”

The freshman said she was disappointed by the college’s statement in response to the alleged posts.

“MSU is trying to pretend care because they are being exposed but they lay complacent to racism every day,” she said.
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