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Old 06-25-2017, 06:33 AM
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Default WF, 19 w/ cerebral palsy has 3rd degree burns after put in tub w/ bleach by negro caretakers


'She was crying and screaming in pain': Couple arrested after 'putting a disabled teenager in a bath tub full of bleach and Epsom salt causing third-degree burns'

Katrina and Garry Eubanks from Iowa are accused of injuring a disabled woman
Allegedly bathed Airionna Bent, 19, in bleach causing severe burns
Her injuries were so bad finger marks were visible on her skin after touching her
Airionna was born prematurely and suffers from cerebral palsy so she cannot talk and has to be fed through a tube

Updated: 22:33 EDT, 24 June 2017


Help for Airionna

My sister, Airionna, is severely disabled and stayed in my parentsí home until she was 19. Then with a heavy heart my family made the decision to place her with a person that we thought we could trust through an agency.
Background checks everything else responsible was completed before my sister was placed in the persons home. However, this person has placed Airionna in a scalding bath of bleach and Epson salt. They fled to Florida with Airionna when an investigation was opened and dropped her at a hospital there. Airionna is currently in a burn trauma unit and in severe pain. She has chemical burns all over her body from what these people have done. These burns are now septic as well and are life threatening to Airionna due to other medical illnesses she has. Our family has tried to have her life-flighted to Iowa City but she is too critical to transport now. Due to this our parents got last minute flights to Tampa and are now there with Airionna.
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