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Old 06-10-2016, 07:33 PM
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Default (Blonde female) Sports reporter’s racist insults get her thrown off air


Sports reporter’s racist insults get her thrown off air
By Zach Braziller
June 10, 2016 | 1:13pm

Emily Austen
Photo: Screengrab via Fox Sports Florida

From calling Kevin Love “a little bitch” to saying she “didn’t even know that Mexicans were that smart” and the “Chinese guy is always the smartest guy in the class,” a Fox Sports Florida sideline reporter’s derogatory spew likely has cost her a job.

Emily Austen appeared on a Barstool Sports video Thursday, and made a series of racist remarks during the 35-minute broadcast.

In another segment, Austen was asked whether Jews are stingy.

“Yeah, I went to school in Boca, so I know most of that—the way I used to talk to Jews in Boca, they hated—because I was a server, and I just didn’t care and they would complain and bitch about everything,” she said, via Vice Sports’ transcription. “I gave a guy a beer, and he was complaining to me that there was too much head and I knew that he was a stingy a—— and that he wasn’t going to give me a tip, so I go, ‘So you’re the first guy that’s ever complained to me about too much head.'”

The daily rundown show, played on Facebook Live, suddenly disappeared from Barstool’s Facebook page. “We somehow deleted the video which was supposed to be edited for the actual show today,” Barstool wrote on its site. But the footage got uploaded to Vimeo, and it was posted on Reddit’s NBA subreddit.

Fox Sports Florida responded with a statement saying the 27-year-old Tampa native, who covers MLB’s Tampa Bay Rays and the NBA’s Orlando Magic, has been removed from any upcoming broadcasts. She previously worked as a sideline reporter for the Boston Celtics.

“We were made aware that Emily Austen appeared in a social media video unaffiliated with FOX Sports in which she made insensitive and derogatory comments,” Fox Sports Florida senior vice-president Steve Tello said. “She was not speaking on behalf of FOX Sports, nor do we condone any of the statements she made in the video. Emily has been advised that her comments were unacceptable, and she is not scheduled to appear on any upcoming FOX Sports Florida or FOX Sports Sun broadcasts.”

Emily Austen’s agent didn’t return a request for comment from Deadspin.
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