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Old 01-11-2019, 08:58 AM
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Default Asian / Pacific Islander Tattooed suspect in brutal attack tells cops: ‘I’m a dirty rapist’


Tattooed suspect in brutal attack tells cops: ‘I’m a dirty rapist’
By Priscilla DeGregory
January 10, 2019 | 2:58pm

The tattooed creep busted for the hours-long rape of a woman in Queens told cops “I’m a dirty rapist” and that he had a fetish for having sex outdoors, prosecutors revealed in court on Thursday.

The chilling admission and other disturbing details related to the Dec. 30 attack of the 40-year-old woman in South Ozone Park were revealed at George Persaud’s arraignment in Queens Criminal Court.

“What the defendant is accused of doing is the stuff of nightmares,” prosecutor Marilyn Filingeri told the judge in a successful request that the 24-year-old brute — who has “Only The Strong Survive” inked across his chest — be held without bail.

Persaud was arrested by police Wednesday night after hunting for him since the beginning of the month.

The woman’s horrific ordeal began when Persaud approached her, flashed what appeared to be a gun, and cocked it as she was walking to her car, Filingeri said.

Persaud warned the victim “not to do anything stupid or he would kill her,” the prosecutor added.

The alleged attack went on for two hours, police officials have previously said.

“He forced her to perform oral sex on him her at gunpoint not once but at three separate locations,” Filingeri said, noting Persaud used a fake gun.

“Just when the victim thought she was getting away, he forced her to the backseat of her own car where he raped her again at gunpoint.”

He then drove the victim in her car to another location to continue his attack before exiting the vehicle and locking the door behind him. The woman had a spare set of keys in the car — and bolted.

The monster told detectives that he was a sex addict with a fetish for outdoors sex and sleeping with prostitutes — while blaming the alleged attack on a cocaine- and alcohol-fueled binge he went on after getting into a fight with his girlfriend.

“I’m a dirty rapist,” Persaud allegedly admitted, Filingeri said in court.

“I’m disgusted with myself, because of the cocaine. I’ve never raped anyone before. I couldn’t stop,” he added.

Persaud also claimed he didn’t remember a thing from that night — but woke up at home with a stranger’s house and car keys in his back pocket.

“I thought I went to a hooker and did some s–t,” Filingeri said, reading from Persaud’s interview with detectives. “I was missing all my stuff, my phone, my gun, my backpack. I got a fake gun because I was tired of getting started with.”

He also told cops, “You wake up with somebody else’s keys, you know you did some s–t,” Filingeri said, and spoke of his sexual proclivities.

“I like to have sex outside. Even when my girlfriend complained about it, we still f—ed outside,” Persaud allegedly said.

Filingeri said there was a mountain of evidence linking Persaud to the crime — including surveillance video that places him in the area where the alleged rape occurred and belongings he left behind in the victim’s car. His fingerprints were also found in the vehicle.

Persaud allegedly admitted to cops that he knew he was a wanted man and “started hiding.” He didn’t defend himself against the sickening accusations.

“I’m not denying anything. You have the proof right there. It’s me,” he told investigators.

Persaud, who faces up to 25 years in prison on rape and other charges, was tossed behind bars without bail.

A woman who identified herself as Persaud’s girlfriend sobbed in the courtroom.

His lawyer, Peter Scott Dufault, declined to comment

He’s due back in court on Jan. 25.
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