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Old 12-20-2016, 07:22 PM
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Default Book Review: "The American Democrat," by James Fenimore Cooper

Book Review: "The American Democrat," by James Fenimore Cooper
(Apollonian, 20 Dec 16)

"The American Democrat, a Treatise on Jacksonian Democracy" by justly famous American writer, James Fenimore Cooper, (Funk & Wagnalls, NY, 1969, 184 pp, xxx), is Cooper's effort of journalist analysis and history, first published in 1839, regarding his native American culture (pre-"Civil war," Cooper dying in 1851 at age 62), the people, and the political system; it's actually a stupendous and outstanding work of sociology and social psychology, all of it most brilliantly and cogently written in Cooper's inimitable style. But as historical commentary the work is absolutely priceless, must reading for every interested student of the time, pre-Civil War.

For Cooper demonstrates how he and other Americans understood their country, union, and constitutional arrangements. Of course, Cooper was pre-eminent writer in the USA and became famous in Europe as representative of America, Cooper author of numerous fictional works, like "Last of the Mohicans," but also historical works too, Cooper having served in the US Navy.

Thus Cooper covers 45 topics, sociologic and political, with an emphasis on and beginning w. politics, giving substantial and poignant commentary on the constitutional foundations. Cooper explains then the people of USA approved the Constitution as people of the states, states working as agents and joining the union, and not as a whole people first of all before anything else as Lincoln, among others, later lied and asserted to justify his mass-murder of southern people and larger dictatorship imposed even upon people of the north.

Cooper went to Europe in 1826 to promote sales of his literary works and to provide top education for his children, and didn't return to America till 1833, so he was able to comment first hand for observations upon European forms of government and compare w. the American. Cooper extends his analysis to the comparative psychologies of Americans w. Europeans, including culinary and eating habits, as well as comments upon things like American press and newspapers. Finally, Cooper comments on the specific subjects of monetary system, slavery, and the political party organization.

So Cooper's work, "The American Democrat," is a true and genuine masterpiece, so short and sweet for his magnificent writing style combined w. genuine sociology, political science, and history. And of course, this work of Cooper's is practically forgotten nowadays, the Jew-centric oligarchs not wanting people to imagine how Americans thought in olden times of the republic which existed before the horror of the 1860s and 70s. Do urself a great favor, get this book of Cooper's and enjoy as u learn the real info.
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