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Old 03-15-2019, 03:13 PM
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Default Calvin Kleinís ex-boy-toy busted for beating man with frying pan


Calvin Kleinís ex-boy-toy busted for beating man with frying pan
By Priscilla DeGregory and Steven Hirsch
March 15, 2019 | 5:32pm | Updated March 15, 2019 | 5:46pm

A male model who once dated fashion designer Calvin Klein has landed himself back in Manhattan court, this time for first beating someone with a frying pan and later for breaking into an apartment and stealing drugs and clothes.

Nicholas ďNickĒ Gruber ó who dated the much older fashion mogul in 2010 for two years in Kleinís first public gay relationship ó was arrested again on March 11 for two new crimes inside an East 76th Street building after having been charged in 2012 for punching a 20-year-old man after a night of partying.

Prosecuters say Gruber, 29, and co-defendant Brandon Steele repeatedly hit an unnamed person with a frying pan on Sept. 3, 2018, and then refused to let the victim leave the apartment despite his pleas to get out.

The beating broke several bones in his back, nearly severed his ear and may adversely affect his vision, the complaint states.

Gruber was charged with second-degree assault and unlawful imprisonment for that incident and faces up to seven years in prison if convicted on the top count.

On March 5 of this year, prosecutors say in a separate complaint that he broke into an apartment in the same building and stole a bag of methamphetamine along with a newly delivered package of clothing.

Gruber claimed he never broke in, as he was subletting it from another woman, but the superintendent of the building told police he didnít live there, according to the complaint.

Gruber is charged with criminal possession of stolen property, drugs possession and trespassing for the second incident and he faces up to a year in jail if convicted on the top count.

Back in April 2012, Gruber was accused of bringing a guy home with him to his Greenwich Street apartment after a night of partying and then punching the man. Cops at the time also found cocaine inside Gruberís pants.

He pleaded guilty to drug charges in August 2012 for that case and eventually landed himself at a posh Arizona rehab.

Gruber was slated to write a tell-all book about his relationship with Klein but later changed his mind.

He is out on $5,000 bail and is due back in court on April 4.
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