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Old 10-29-2015, 05:47 AM
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Default Re: Dramatic raids in search of terror: Feds move on Qaeda suspect's Queens pals


Feds seek maximum sentence for mall-bomb plot terrorist
By Selim Algar
October 28, 2015 | 10:21pm

The feds want a Brooklyn federal judge to throw the book at a convicted terrorist who plotted to blow up a British shopping mall, according to a Brooklyn federal court filing.

Abid Naseer was convicted in March of scheming to detonate explosives at the Manchester target on behalf of Al Qaeda superiors. He faces between 30 years and life in prison when he’s sentenced on November 17.

“By joining al-Qaeda and planning an intricate plot to kill hundreds of innocent people, the defendant committed the most serious offenses in the United States Code,” wrote federal prosecutor Zainab Ahmad . “Accordingly, the government seeks a severe sentence within the Guidelines range of 30 years to life imprisonment.”

Prosecutors said at trial that Naseer had common handlers with the New York subway bomb plotters, including Queens resident Najibullah Zazi, who testified against him at trial.

Naseer, who capably represented himself at trial, was convicted after eight hours of jury deliberation.

Prosecutors argued that he used employed female names to refer to bombs and the terms “wedding” and “marriage” as code for specific attacks.

The trial featured disguised British MI5 agents who told jurors testifying about his movements and communiques seized from Osama bin Laden’s lair that prosecutors said referred to his plot.
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