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Old 09-12-2017, 02:47 PM
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Default GOFUNDME! Please find it in your heart hearts to CARE


This is a rescue . A Rhodesian Ridgeback. It does not like black people!
No, I did NOT teach it that. But that is the least of it's problems.
The poor thing is a bitch trapped in a male body! The people we rescued her/it
from only went have way with the surgery.

This lovely canine has had it's testicles removed. She needs the rest of the male organ removed so that the female organ can be constructed properly. It chose the name 'Caitlyn' from her inspirational hero Caitlyn Jenner.
Please help 'Caitlyn' escape the male body she was trapped in, by no fault of her own.
Should the surgery fail, the donations will be placed in a fund for LGBT young , desperately in need of support for their plight.
Thank you all for your prayers and best wishes.
Caitlyn loves you all.


Look in those eyes. Eyes of Gold!

It's not its fault it hates black people.
There is great hope that after its receives estrogen with it's new female body part
It will love the black people, who long so desperately to love her.

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