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Old 09-12-2017, 02:05 PM
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Default Sow McNigger's manager fired caught on video calling white customer the n-word


McDonald's fires manager who was caught on video calling a customer the n-word when he complained of cold food and missing items

Tyler Lamb recorded the moment a McDonald's manager called him the n-word
Lamb said he complained to the manager because he was missing food items
The cashier told Lamb to call the corporate office to voice his complaint
As Lamb was recording incident, the manager became angry and lunged at him
The woman is heard in the video also calling Lamb a 'b**ch' as he drove off

Updated: 15:01 EDT, 12 September 2017

Tyler Lamb (pictured) said he complained because his order was wrong and the food was cold. He also said some items were missing, which prompted him to drive back around to get the employees to fix it

The video shows the manager (pictured) realizing that she was being recorded. She is seen rushing over to the window and lunging at Lamb to try and take his phone
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