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Old 02-09-2018, 04:40 PM
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Default Suspected sex-trafficking pimp Lavellous busted by joint task force


Suspected sex-trafficking pimp busted by joint task force
By Shawn Cohen and Gabrielle Fonrouge
February 9, 2018 | 5:09pm

A suspected sex-trafficking pimp dubbed “King Casino” was busted by the feds and NYPD on charges he pimped out over 50 women, authorities said Friday.

Lavellous Purcell and an accomplice, Gloria Palmer, were indicted by a grand jury in Manhattan federal court and were awaiting arraignment Friday afternoon.

They allegedly ran a sex trafficking racket out of the Bronx and across the country for at least three years, prosecutors said.

Purcell, who police said bragged about his pimping lifestyle over social media, is charged with sex trafficking and other related offenses while Palmer, who helped Purcell book hotel rooms among other things, was charged with conspiracy to use interstate commerce to promote illegal sex trafficking activity, prosecutors said.

Purcell used Backpage.com, a notorious website for promoting prostitution and other nefarious activities in 97 countries across the world, to post advertisements, prosecutors allege.

They also charged that Purcell used the web to recruit women across the country and encourage them to come to New York to “work” — except, in many circumstances, he held his victims against their will, forced them into prostitution and kept all the money for himself.

In one instance, Purcell choked a woman until she passed out — and in another case, he kidnapped a woman and forced her to engage in prostitution until she was able to escape a few days later, police said.

Law enforcement agents, in a joint task force including the FBI, the NYPD and federal prosecutors, have identified over 50 women “that appear to have engaged in commercial sex at Purcell’s direction.”

Palmer helped Purcell carry out his crimes, including booking a hotel room in Virginia for “the purposes of promoting prostitution,” prosecutors wrote in the indictment.

Police said Palmer also booked hotel rooms for the women Purcell trafficked and for her work, Palmer was paid a monthly fee by Purcell.
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